Guernsey Gateway Club LBG

AGC Membership No. 76
Guernsey Registered Charity number CH165 *

*The Guernsey Registry is responsible for administration of the registers of charities and non-profit organisations. The number indicated above was originally issued to the charity, but this is not an indication that registration is up to date. Please see for a current list of registered organisations

Description Aims and Objectives

A club formed in 1969 (formerly known as La Corbinerie Gateway Club) to provide and support leisure and recreation for people with a learning disability, living in Guernsey.

The club is affiliated to Royal MENCAP (see member number 018)

The club is open on Thursday evenings between 7.30pm and 9pm, meeting at La Corbinerie Clubhouse located between The Health and Well-being Centre and A&E beside the restored Mignot House on the PEH site.

The club organises leisure and recreation activities for members (including bar meals, bingo, beetle drives, disco's, etc.)

Organisation and Management

The club is run by a board of four directors and volunteers.  Financed entirely by fund-raising events and voluntary donations.  All funds are used wholly for the benefit of members.

Contact Details

Sharon Hartley
(01481) 244231  


Volunteers Needed

Guernsey Gateway Club LBG





Guernsey Gateway Club LBG