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AGC Membership No. 410
Guernsey Registered Charity number CH479 *

*The Guernsey Registry is responsible for administration of the registers of charities and non-profit organisations. The number indicated above was originally issued to the charity, but this is not an indication that registration is up to date. Please see www.guernseyregistry.com/charities for a current list of registered organisations

Description Aims and Objectives

Vision Statement:  We envision a future in which every person in Guernsey has access to fresh,locally and sustainably grown food.


Mission Statement:  “At Edible Guernsey we offer our Members the opportunity to participate in growing as part of a supportive community, to share their experiences with and knowledge about sustainable growing with others and to experiment with innovative growing techniques. We aspire to be an incubator, to seed the growth of new commercial ventures and expand the diversity and amount of fresh, local and sustainable food produced in Guernsey.”

Organisation and Management

We operate in the Sandpiper Vinery, Rue des Heches, St. Pierre du Bois, GY8 0DS
We grow food, sustainably, and sell our produce on our Hedge Veg
We have a Board that varies in size from 7 - 9 persons
We provide a space for entrepreneurs to trial new commercial ventures in food production
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Contact Details

Sarah S. Alfadl


Seed Swap and Plant Sale

Volunteers Needed

Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Trustee -- Community Engagement

Trustee -- Educational Programs

Trustee -- Innovation & Technology

Trustee -- Commercial Development

Trustee -- Environmental Sustainability

Trustee -- Legal & Compliance