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Description Aims and Objectives

Who are we?

Diabetes Guernsey is a local charity which aims to help people to 'live well' with diabetes. We aim to support people with all types of diabetes and their families in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Our purpose is to ensure that local people with diabetes and their families have support, that we raise awareness of diabetes and provide education for everyone. Diabetes Guernsey aims to raise funds to achieve these goals through various events.

Peer Support

Living with diabetes can be hard work, and being able to discuss diabetes related issues with someone who really understands is vital. Diabetes Guernsey is arranging events for children and young people along with their families and setting up support groups. Events will be held throughout the year and  support groups will aim to meet up regularly. If you would like to be part of these events and support groups, please contact us.

The Diabetes Nursing Specialist Team are always on hand to offer medical advice and support. If you are concerned about your health or medication please contact them directly. Diabetes Guernsey is run by people with diabetes and their families, therefore we cannot give medical advice.


Diabetes Guernsey is planning on holding fundraising events throughout the year, such as quiz nights, Diabetes Week, Bingo evenings and summer balls. You can also help us fundraise by holding mufti days, cake sales or even getting sponsorship to run a marathon! Please visit our Facebook page (facebook.com/diabetesguernsey/) and website (diabetesguernsey.org) to keep up to date with the latest events.You can also donate easily at any time through giving.gg, or contact us directly to set up regular donations.


Everyone at Diabetes Guernsey is passionate about education around diabetes. Knowing what diabetes is, how to live with it, and how to support people around you with diabetes is vital. We will be running campaigns and events to raise awareness of all aspects of diabetes. Increased knowledge about diabetes means the possibility for earlier diagnosis, which leads to better outcomes for people with diabetes. Education will also ensure that more people understand what diabetes is and how to support people living with diabetes. Our main focus will always be to help people to ‘live well’ with diabetes.

Organisation and Management

Matt Ferguson - Chair

Sophie Roughsedge - Secretary

Timothy Revill  - Treasurer

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Contact Details

Matt Ferguson
07839 267345


Volunteers Needed