The presentation material from the Forum on Governance and Risk, held on 10th February 2015 can be found as follows:

- "The Role of the Guernsey Registry in Charity and NPO Registration" can be found here.

- "Governance and Risk Management" can be found here

- "Charity Risks" can be found here.

The presentation material from the Forum on Volunteering held on 14th July 2015 can be found as follows:

-"How Guernsey Citizens Advice resource, train and retain volunteers" will be uploaded shortly

-"The Guernsey Vetting Bureau" can be found here

-"The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service" can be found here

-"Transformation of a volunteer lead organisation - UK Scouting" can be found

The presentation material for the November 2017 Forum on GDPR can be found here

The GDPR material for the April 2018 AGM presentation can be found here and here