Charity Grants

Charities are encouraged to apply for a grant from Christmas Lottery

Charities can now begin applying to receive a grant from the 2017 Christmas Lottery.  Each year, the draw raises thousands of pounds for local good causes.

Tickets for this year’s lottery are already selling fast, and the climbing first prize is currently £845,000.  It will continue to rise as more tickets are sold.  Over recent years the jackpot has been more than £1 million.

Only the proceeds from tickets purchased in Guernsey are given to the AGC to distribute.  Malcolm Woodhams, Vice-Chairman, said “we try to remind everyone, especially the many company syndicates, to buy their tickets from Guernsey shops and agents.  It’s so important that the Lottery raises as much as possible for charity as we’ve seen an increase in local organisations urgently needing funding for their work.  The Christmas Lottery is an easy and effective way to fund a tremendously wide range of worthy projects throughout the islands.”

This year the Association of Guernsey Charities distributed more than £212,000 to 34 organisations, with grants ranging from £400 to £26,827.

Lottery grants can only be given to Guernsey Registered Charities, and organisations have to be a member of the Association of Guernsey Charities.  Projects have to be within the island, or for the benefit of islanders.

Malcolm Woodhams explained “We keep the process straightforward as we want to encourage applications from any organisation that needs some funding.  Over the years, the Christmas Lottery has been a useful source of funding for many small charities, which have sometimes found it hard to obtain grants to assist their projects.”

“Charities can be reassured that this is a fair and impartial application process and all applications are read and discussed by the AGC Council.  However, organisations need to ensure that their applications are clear, and provide as much information as possible concerning their project, setting out why they require the funding, and what the benefits would be”.

Applications need to be accompanied by a full set of accounts, plus any relevant quotes and background detail.  The application deadline is Wednesday 31 January 2018.  Charities can expect to hear in Spring 2018 whether or not they have been successful. 

Please note: Lottery applications have closed.  We are now reviewing all applications received.  We will announce the distribution of grants in Spring 2018.