09 January 2017 Organising Committee needed!
Actionaid Guernsey Support Group

We have a fundraising target of £100,000 in 2017 to rebuild a school in Nepal damaged by the 2015 earthquakes. As well as many regular small events, we have a huge exciting event planned that is new to Guernsey. We're looking for enthusiastic people looking for a rewarding volunteering commitment to form an organising committee between now and September. Although not essential, as the more hands on deck the better, the specific skills that we need to get this event off the ground are project management, marketing, communications, previous experience of organising large community events, and contacts in athletics groups, the local music scene, and corporate companies who may be interested in sponsoring a new event for Guernsey. For more information, and to register interest in the role, please email Natalie at

11 January 2017 Assessor's visit
Guernsey DriveAbility

We are carrying out assessments and giving advice on driving with a medical condition or disability from 11th January - 14th January. Contact for details or see

12 January 2017 Guest Speaker Professor Anna Lawson
Guernsey Disability Alliance

if you missed our meeting with Professor Lawson, guru in Human Rights, Equality and disability, you can watch the video of the session or view her slides at:

13 January 2017 Guernsey Press Adverts in The Week
The Association of Guernsey Charities

The Press have regular spots in The Week for charities to advertise forthcoming events or their own charity. Boxed adverts are available for £27.50 each. Please contact Jo Terry on 240240 or

17 January 2017 CEO recruitment
Health Information Guernsey

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivational Chief Executive Officer with a commitment to leading and delivering our health and disability information services. Health Information Guernsey (“HIG) offers a range of services to both individual clients, service users, professionals as well as other third Sector, public and private organisations. We are focused on providing free impartial health information service as well as maximising opportunities and or advocacy to positively support and change the lives of those who use our service. For more info please call Jacqui on 707470 (between 10.00 and 14.00hrs) or email Closing date for applications: 1/02/2017

19 January 2017 Help raise funds for our 144th Anniversary during the GSPCA Purple Week 10th to 17th February
Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

The GSPCA was founded in 1873 and this February to help celebrate 144 years caring for animals in Guernsey we are asking for your help. There are many ways you, your school, group, work place, business can help celebrate. The GSPCA week starts 10th February and celebrations will carry on until the 17th with our anniversary being Valentines Day the 14th February. Ideas to get involved....... Why not wear purple for the day? The GSPCA logo is purple and we are encouraging people to wear purple for a day or more during this week from purple ties to GSPCA wrist bands, pin badges, or maybe you have a better idea? A Mufti or Dress Down Day is a great and fun way to raise funds to help animals in Guernsey and celebrate our 144th anniversary. How about a 'Take Your Dog to Work Day' although normally this is celebrated in the summer why not hold a day at your work place early. Maybe you would like a tombola set for your work place? We can arrange a ticketed tombola with prizes to help raise funds for the animals in our care. Dress as an animal for the day? Its fun and a great way to celebrate the fact that the GSPCA help 1000's of animals and birds every year. FACT - Did you know the Shelter has cared for two lion cubs, two sea turtles and two monkeys in previous years and currently has a seal pup on site? Make your page with JustGiving OSA Recruitment staff supporting the GSPCA A sponsored event? From a sponsored silence to a wax, stop smoking to a dog walk there are many ways you can raise funds to help animals in Guernsey. To download a sponsor form please Download a GSPCA Sponsorship Form FACT - Did you know the GSPCA has 300+ animals in their care at any one time? Sell goods for the GSPCA? The GSPCA has a number of new GSPCA goods on sale including pens, pin badges, wrist bands, car stickers and small toy dogs which we can provide in a counter box to help raise funds for the Animal Shelter. Help raise funds for the GSPCA 140th year Help raise funds for the GSPCA 140th year To apply for these or the other items please download a form on this link Help raise funds for the GSPCA 140th year FACT - Did you know that in 1919 the first home for stray dogs and cats was at 11 St John Street, St Peter Port. 5/- (five shillings) a week was paid to the tenant for housing the kennels and looking after the animals? A collection box / wishing well? The GSPCA are always looking for businesses and places to locate collection boxes around the Island. By clicking the above link or emailing you can apply for one to help raise funds for the GSPCA. Also if you have a bigger premises maybe you could accommodate one of our GSPCA Wishing Wells. These can be seen at the Shelter which are made on site and are a fantastic way to highlight the need of raising funds for the GSPCA and that your business supports our work caring for animals in Guernsey. GSPCA Wishing Well FACT - Did you know in October 1929 the GSPCA purchased its present site at Les Fiers Moutons, St Andrews. The house, outbuildings and ¾ vergee of land were bought freehold for £400.00 plus a further 2 vergees of land for £120.00 and an extra £5.00 included the spring and well? There are many ways you can join the GSPCA Purple Week - Celebrating 144 years Caring for Animals in Guernsey between Friday 10th February and Friday 17th February. Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "In 2017 the GSPCA will have been helping animals in Guernsey for 144 years and we are asking animal lovers to help join in and celebrate with us." 'We are looking at holding a number of events during the week and if anyone has any other ideas please let us know.' "It costs over £600,000 a year to help care for the 1000's of animals and birds we have through our doors, provide the 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service for animals, the welfare work, dog training, education and more and we are appealing for people, schools and businesses to get involved to celebrate the wonderful work we have done and have to do for the future." "With ever rising costs we hope that Guernsey will wear purple for animals and join in our birthday fun in February." "Our biggest wish and project we are hoping to acheive is renewing all 42 kennel floors which will cost in excess of £25,000 as well as raising the much needed funds to run the Shelter 24/7 and if you would like to support us please give us a call on 257261 or email us at the GSPCA." "We are looking at holding a number events through February and details will be on our website." To register your event or involvement please email or call 01481 257261 help-raise-funds-our-144th-anniversary- during-gspca-purple-week-10th-17th-february

26 January 2017 Ring binders and lever arch files available
The Association of Guernsey Charities

Walkers have ring binders / lever arch files available to collect (they merged at the end of July and no longer use "AO Hall" branded files). They have plenty of unopened boxes. Please contact Emma MacArthur on 723723 or at

31 January 2017 Committee Member
Guernsey Alzheimers Association

We are a committee of seven currently and are looking to increase to perhaps 8 or even 9 members. Should this kind of challenge be something that you could udertake then please let us know. Your skills need not be specific although a financial background would be beneficial. Please contact us on 245121 for a chat.


06 February 2017 Bright Beginnings - NOW OPEN!
Every Child Our Future LBG

ECOF has funded and opened a brand new Nursery and Pre-School which is based in the Islands first Children's Centre. We are based in the former St Sampsons Infants School in Rue des Monts, Delancey. Please visit Bright Beginnings Facebook page to view our services and prices. We will be opening a cafe providing daily healthy snacks, hot and cold drinks all served with a warm welcome. There will be group activities, drop in clinics, midwife clinics, baby massage and much more. Please check back in a month or two for more information or telephone 01481 244919 to view the Nursery and Pre-School

08 February 2017 New AGC Council members needed
The Association of Guernsey Charities

Kate Raleigh and Richard Lowe will be standing down at the next AGM so the AGC is looking for two more members of Council to take their place. Please contact Peter Rose at for more details

14 February 2017 Happy Valentines & today help us celebrate our 144th anniversary by donating or supporting
Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

From all the GSPCA we wish a Happy Valentines to one and all and did you know we share this day of love as the GSPCA celebrates 144 years helping animals in Guernsey and we need your help. The GSPCA was founded on the 14th February 1873 and we are asking for your support to help the 24/7 work we carry out here at the GSPCA. Not only do we care for around 350 animals a day at the Shelter we have many essential projects we need to achieve and many animals to care for. With so many animals in our care at any time and a Shelter where we have been based since 1929, each day raising the much needed funds to care for the animals and maintaining the buildings and grounds is a daily challenge. All this week we are running GSPCA Purple Week and today on the 14th February we celebrate our 144 years since being founded. With over 3000 animals through our doors every year the GSPCA is kept busy 24/7 365 days a year helping the animals and community of Guernsey, not to mention many more that we help daily in the ambulance and investigating cruelty, the education talks to courses we run and much more. We launched GSPCA Purple Week with a wish list of some of the major projects we would love to achieve in the coming years. With a running cost of over £1600+ a day to care for the hundreds of animals at the Shelter we are always looking for support to achieve their care, the rescue of those we help 24/7 and to maintain and care for the Shelter in St Andrews. We have a 10 year redevelopment plan at the GSPCA to ensure we care for the buildings and look to the future for the generations of animals and the community to come. The BIGGEST ever achievement of the Shelter has been our new multi-purpose animal welfare building which has been a huge success and an amazing resource for the animals and population of Guernsey. With 14 other buildings on site, 42 kennels, isolation facilities, wildlife units, ponds, aviaries and much more we have a wonderful Animal Shelter that requires looking after and caring for. To look to the future the next focus are the following projects which help ensure we care for these fantastic facilities where animal lives are saved and cared for 24/7 - New kennel floors and repairs to the 7 kennel buildings/sections - £31,000 (approximately £5000 to £7000 per section) Renewing two buildings roofs totaling £30,000 Treating the outer section of the first floor to our kennel and training building and repairs - £10,000 New floors, hot water unit and repairs to our wildlife unit - £8000 New laundry facilities and re-siting one current industrial machine - £9,000 New crusher/compactor facility and waste management - £5000 Fitting out, electrics, services and putting a floor in our charity shop and improve disabled access including the toilet facilities - £4500 Repairs and refurbishing our wildlife/hospital area - £3000 Flooring and fitting out our bird room - £2000 Additional Intensive Care Units & Improvements to the Hedgehog Pens - £5800 These are the 10 main projects we have our focus on at the GSPCA although there are many other projects including full rebuilds we would love to achieve in the coming years. PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online. Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said “We want to wish all a Happy Valentines from the team and animals on what is a very special day as we share the 14th February, the day of love with the day the GSPCA was found 144 years ago." "We would love to hear from anyone that would like to support us with any of these projects and to achieve any of them for our anniversary would be a dream come true.” “The 20 staff and 600+ volunteers at the GSPCA work around the clock 365 days a year supporting families and the community while caring for thousands of animals every year.” “Without our team and the wonderful facilities we couldn’t achieve so much and for 144 years it is the community of Guernsey that have helped ensure that we can prevent cruelty and promote kindness to animals every day in our long history.” “We have to look to the future constantly to ensure that the Shelter has the facilities needed to care for the thousands of animals through our doors every year and to start GSPCA Purple Week to celebrate our 144th year we are sharing our birthday dreams in the hope that someone may help them come true.” “From the 25 puppies we helped just over a year ago to Olivia the loggerhead turtle, the lion cubs to stray penguins are history is rich with helping countless animals over nearly a century and a half.” “If anyone would like to support us in anyway no matter how large or small we would love to hear from you.” Yvonne Chauvel Senior Animal Care Assistant said “For over 20 years I have worked at the GSPCA and every day we see a new challenge and we are constantly trying to maintain and improve the buildings the animals are cared in.” “We all have our own homes and places of work and know it can be challenging maintaining and decorating them and at the GSPCA our buildings are scrubbed daily meaning they constantly need improvements.” “From Sami the seal pup in our wildlife unit to Sunny the dog in need of a home they all need specific enclosures and caring for 24/7.” Sarah Ozanne Animal Care Assistant said “It’s amazing that the GSPCA has been helping animals for 144 years this month and we really appreciate all the support we receive every day to help do so much.” “We really want to improve many areas and buildings of the GSPCA and it would be so wonderful if there were those that could help us for the GSPCA anniversary Purple Week.” To find out more about our Wishes and projects or how you can support them you can email or call 01481 257261 You can see many other wishes by visiting our web page – For many of our smaller wishes and items used daily you can see these on our Amazon Wish List - Another way to help the animals directly in our care is by sponsoring an animal pen or kennel and to become an Angel Pen Pal sponsor download this form and return it to the GSPCA to help us help animals every month - For a business to become a corporate Angel Pen Pal we would love to hear from you, please download this form and return it to the team here at the GSPCA - We also work very closely with St Andrews Floral Group who are helping us improve our grounds and the local natural environment for wildlife and if you are interested in supporting our conservation work please visit - To sign up for the GSPCA suppoters newsletter please visit - To find out more about GSPCA Purple Week please visit -

20 February 2017 VACANCIES - Charity Shop Supervisor & Receptionist Full and Part Time Posts & Casual Animal Care Ast
Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

The GSPCA are currently looking for additional staff members to help with our increasingly busy front desk and develop our charity shop area. Also we are also looking for an additional casual animal care assistant to help meet the needs of the Shelter. We have extended the closing date for this post until Tuesday 21st February. All roles are to help cover 7 days a week and especially on weekends and bank holidays when the GSPCA is often extremely busy. We have a team of 20 staff and over 600 volunteers and without the whole team we couldn't help the 3000+ animals that come through the doors every year, care for the many boarders and achieve so much. The roles are diverse working with all species of animals in Guernsey, managing volunteers, using IT systems and helping on reception to mention some of the duties. The new Charity Shop Supervisor and Receptionist role is a very exciting opportunity to help develop an area and increase funds while helping recycle goods in Guernsey. We are looking for two candidates to help cover 7 days a week to grow a team of volunteers in the Charity Shop area and assist with the front desk duties at the GSPCA. This role could be split as a full time 5 day role and a part time 2 day role or possibly 4 days and 3 days as examples and we are happy to discuss with each successful applicant to be interviewed what they could bring to the post. The role will involve using our IT systems and developing an online presence while assisting with telephone calls, acceptance, boarding, welfare complaints, animal pet tributes, adoption and post adoption processes, GSPCA tours, website, social media and procedures are conducted correctly, thoroughly and professionally. To apply and find out more please download an application pack below or collect one from the GSPCA Animal Shelter in St Andrews. All applicants are required to complete an application form which is included in the pack and return it by the closing date. The closing date for applications is Tuesday 21st February 2017.

20 February 2017 GDA February newsletter
Guernsey Disability Alliance

our February newsletter is online