New Charity Law 202

The States of Guernsey has now brought the new Charity law into effect and relevant documents are set out below.

The Ordinance can be found by clicking HERE

The Regulations that govern the way charities have to operate can be found by clicking HERE

The Transitional Regulations can be found by clicking HERE

General Guidance issued by the Guernsey Registry can be found by clicking HERE

Guidance for International Charities issued by the Guernsey registry can be found by clicking HERE

A helpful summary of what charities need to do, and by when, can be found by clicking HERE

A comparison of our members' comments on the draft Regulations against what now appears in the Law can be found HERE

A general summary of the new law can be found in the Information section on the header bar above

Insurance sponsorship by Heritage Insurance Insurance Brokers

A big thank you to Heritage Insurance Brokers for renewing our Commercial Combined Insurance policy again for 2022/23.  This covers against the many risks that can occur when we organise public events, such as our recent Government House Fete and our Forums and general meetings.  All of our income to pay for the things we do for the Third Sector in Guernsey comes from sponsorship like this, so thank you again Heritage Insurance Brokers.

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10 June 2023
Date of the next Walk
The Rotary Guernsey Walk Trust

The Walk is typically held on a Saturday in early June. To find out which charities are being supported and how to register for the Walk, visit our website at There is a hyperlink to this site above.

08 August 2022
Office supplies and furniture available
Association of Guernsey Charities

Brooks Macdonald are moving offices and have a large quantity of office supplies and furniture available for charities. Please contact

30 June 2022
Towels and Blanket Appeal at the GSPCA
Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

With nearly 500 animals in our care we are extremely busy at the GSPCA and are appealing for blankets and especially towels to help to provide them with bedding, to help with handling and drying off. Steve Byrne GSPCA Manager said "We use hundreds of t...

30 June 2022
Office equipment available
Association of Guernsey Charities

Collenette Jones has a flip chart, pulldown projector screen and a multi tray printer surplus to requirements. Any charity interested should contact Suzy Dempster -

21 June 2022
Golf Challenge for GSPCA, the Guernsey Blind Association & Guernsey Alzheimer's Association
Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

Alex Murrell is raising funds for the GSPCA, Guernsey Blind Association ( La Grande Mare Golf Club Mens Captain's charity) and Guernsey Alzheimer's Association. (Lady Captain's charity) Alex Murrell said “I will be attempting to play the 10th hole at L...

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27 September 2022
GDA 15th Anniversary
Guernsey Disability Alliance

join us Tuesday 27th September lunchtime where we reflect on our 15 history, the progress, challenges and what we can all do in the last 24 hours before the biggest event in our history - the approval of the anti discrimination legislation in the States W...

28 September 2022
Join us on the Steps!
Guernsey Disability Alliance

we encourage everyone who believes in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to join us on the steps of the States Chamber 8:45-9:30am 28th September and the lunch hour and after debate . find out more on our facebook page or website please sp...

29 September 2022
GSPCA Quiz Night with a few twists at Saumarez Park Café Thursday 29th September with a £250 prize
Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

On Thursday 29th September 2022 there is a Quiz Night starting from 6.30pm at Saumarez Park Café with a raffle in aid of the GSPCA. “90 to 1” One person will walk away with £250! A quiz night with a twist (or two)! Watch & experience teammates...

01 October 2022
Tina Turner Tribute Saturday 1st October at the Duke of Richmond in aid of GSPCA thanks to Sidney’s Sponsored Events
Guernsey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA)

Join us to see Milli Munro as the Tina Turner Tribute on Saturday 1st October 2022 at the Duke of Richmond from 7pm until 1130pm. With a wonderful 2 Course meal, there is an instant win raffle with fantastic prizes and a bonus ball. £48 per person f...

15 October 2022
Wave of Light (online event)
SANDS Guernsey

Each year the 9-15 October is Baby Loss Awareness Week which finishes on October 15 with the global ‘Wave of Light’. This event is an online Guernsey Sands Wave of Light for 2022 if you wish to take part in this global event but from the comfort of you...

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